Monday, June 12, 2017

Astro-Geometry (Part-1)

Well, as the title goes, this technique uses both Astrology and Geometry to determine trend reversal. I found this technique useful and came to know about it accidentally. I was doing some research around 5 years ago, and while drawing horizontal lines found this. It is a quite simple technique, might be known to some (?).

The Astrology part of the technique needs a composite longitude of 2 or more planets. But I have not checked or even tried it with more than 2 planets.  Selection of planets is important.

The Geometry part required simple lines, horizontal and vertical.

Both, the stock data chart and composite should be plotted as shown in the below image. There must be a proper scale between the stock data chart and composite. Otherwise, this technique wouldn’t  be of any use.

Below images are self explanatory.

AUDUSD with Ven-Sat Composite (with Single Pair)

AUDUSD with Ven-Sat and Sun-Sat Composites (with Two Pairs)

AUDUSD with Ven-Sat, Sun-Sat and Mar-Sat Composites (with Three Pairs)

When tested with intra-day data, it worked !!

EURUSD - Hourly Chart

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Combustion of MARS

Mars will be in conjunction with Sun on 27-Jul-2017. The planets when conjuncts Sun, goes through a phenomenon referred as Combustion. Well, this Combustion applies to all planets except North Node (Rahu), South Node (Ketu).

Vedic astrology doesn't consider Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

To know more about this phenomenon wrt trading, please read the article.

Below images are quite self explanatory.





In image below, I have marked the important dates for the coming conjunction.