Saturday, February 15, 2020

CRUDE - Sun and Venus at 35 degrees

When Venus and Sun, both transit, are at 35.015 decimal degrees, Crude gives a trend reversal. 35.015 degs are a special point in the Crude's horoscope. Below are images of Crude MCX, when these 2 planets transited at 35.015 degs. I have added 2 images for Crude International.

Mercury, too, gives trend reversal. My mistake, I forgot to add Mercury in the charts. 

In future, both these planets will transit the same point on 04-Apr-2020 (Venus), 20-May-2020 (Sun) and 11-May-2020 (Mercury) Lets hope for the best.

Images of Crude MCX

Crude (traded Internationally)

Friday, December 20, 2019

Using Chhaya Graha’s or Aprakasha Graha’s to determine Trend Reversal

Aprakasha Graha’s means Non-luminous planets. Upa Graha’s means secondary planets.

Chhaya means shadowy, those can’t be seen. They are just like Rahu (North Node) and Ketu (South Node), mathematical sensitive points.

These non-luminous planets can be sub-divided or grouped in 2 different ways:

Sun longitude based.
Time based or Sun rise and Sun set based.

Below, find the name of 5 non-luminous planets based on the longitude of Sun.

Dhooma/Dhuma, Vyatipata/Pata, Parivesha/Paridhi, Indrachapa/Kodanda/Chapa/, Upaketu/Dhwaja/Shikhi

Kaala, Mrityu, Arthaprahara, Yamaghantaka, Gulika and Maandi are time based.

Here, I am going to use the mathematical point Chhaya graha's. 

I will not go in much detail about them, only the mathematical calculation part will be brought forward. More information on these non-luminous planets can be found in Brihat Parashara Hora Shashtra. Please, don't forget... Google, too. ;)

These points are derived from the longitudes of the Sun.

Calculation Part:

“The position of Dhuma is ascertained by adding 4 signs, 13 deg and 20 mins to the longitude of the Sun. The position of Vyatipata will be found by subtracting the longitude of Dhuma from 12 signs. The position of Parivesha by adding 6 signs to that of Vyatipata. The position of Indrachapa is calculated by subtracting longitude of Parivesha from 12 signs. The position of Upaketu by adding 16 deg and 40 mins to that of Indrachapa.”

Dhuma: Sun Longitude + 133.33 deg (Decimal degrees)

Vyatipata:         360 – Longitude of Dhuma

Parivesha:         Vyatipata Longitude + 180

Indrachapa: 360 – Parivesha Longitude

Upaketu:         Indrachapa + 16.66

So if Sun longitude is 120 degrees (decimal) then, an example will clear the doubts

Dhuma:         120 + 133.33 = 253.33

Vyatipata: 360 – 253.33 = 106.67

Parivesha:         106.67 + 180 = 286.67

Indrachapa: 360 - 286.67 = 73.33

Upaketu:         73.33 + 16.67 = 90

When degrees will go above 360, then subtract 360 from it. From above, it can be seen that Dhuma and Indrachapa are always opposite to each other. Because, 253.33 – 73.33 = 180. 

Similarly, Vyatipata and Parivesha are opposite to each other. 

So, considering either Dhuma or Indrachapa will do the needful. Similarly, either Vyatipata or Parivesha will do the needful. 

The below image will help you to understand how the longitudes will be seen. The longitudes of all the points and Sun are Sidereal, by default. 

Sun & Dhuma (Sidereal Longs.)

Below is the image with Vyatipata and Dhuma.

Vyatipata & Dhuma

Now, we will see what happens when this Sun point based Upa-graha's ingress in 12 signs. The horizontal lines are the longitudinal lines of ingress. In all the images below, I have used Dhuma, only. Some may think why Dhuma only. The reason is simple..... KISS. 

There are various simple and non-orthodox techniques which can be used to determine the trend reversal using these Non-luminous planets. I have shared the first and simple one.